Words of Encouragement #1

Words of Encouragement #1

Hello Trinity Church Family and Friends,

I trust all is well with each of you and that you are doing your very best to stay safe. Just a few words of encouragement:

Joy should be one of the chief characteristics of our Christian faith. In the New Testament the word chara is used 53 times to mean “joy.” Only a joyful exuberant Christian is a worthy representative of the transforming power of Christ’s gospel. But what is spiritual joy? It is much more than mere laughter or even happiness. It is a life that is at rest in the Lord, regardless of life’s circumstances. Such a life cannot help but have a strong impact on nonbelievers. I believe if we had more singing Christians, there would be more Christians.

Often our finest and most effective songs are sung during the midnight experiences of life. It is easy to sing when all is well. But to sing when all is dark requires the indwelling presence of Christ. Therefore, be determined to live with a singing spirit; be a truly “praising Christian.” In fact, carry this musical testimony with you:

Je – sus,  Je – sus,  Je – sus,– sweet – est  name I know; 

Fills my ev – ery  long – ing,  keeps me sing – ing  as I go.

Be Blessed, Be Safe,

Pastor Joseph & Dr. Verdean Gueste
Trinity Baptist Church, Moreno Valley, CA