Reopening Update #1

Reopening Update #1

Dear Trinity Church Family,

I know that many of you have heard about the Governor’s go ahead for California churches to reopen and some will be doing that starting this weekend May 31st

However, along with that go ahead to reopen, there are guidelines that each church must comply with to reopen. The guidelines order will take some time to comply with because some of the things have to be purchased and will take time to get the items because every small business and church need the same things.

Therefore, Trinity will not be reopening at this time.  My best estimate for reopening will be sometime in July. When we do reopen, we want to have everything in compliance for the absolute best safety for our returning members and visitors. Please be patient with us, our leadership team is working hard to get what we need for reopening.

I am not concerned with what any other church may be doing.  My concern is for the well-being and safety of this congregation and for those who will be visiting our worship services.  I will keep you updated with our progress for reopening as we move forward.

Church Family thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry during this difficult time. Yet, be assured that we will come through this pandemic by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be Blessed and continue to stay safe,

Joseph L. Gueste, Senior Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
Moreno Valley, CA