Pastor’s Special Message #3

Pastor’s Special Message #3


Greeting Trinity Church Family,

I hope this finds everyone well and still encouraged that God is still in control. I just want to share with you three insights of where we stand as a church body, Situation, Problem/Opportunity, and Assumptions.


There is both a medical component and a financial component to our situation. An international pandemic has thrown the USA into a recession. People are dying from the virus and entire industries are losing billions. Required Social Distancing has forced nearly all businesses to make their employees work from home and it has also eliminated “Church as Usual”.  We have switched to a Live-streaming-only model and we are looking for new ways to engage our local community. The daily news is mostly negative as it presents a steady feed of politically charged stories about the number of people infected or killed by the virus and the record stock market declines. We have no indication of when people will be able to gather in groups again or do church together.


  • Decrease in contributions as a result of an inability to meet at church facility (no Sunday offering basket).
  • Leadership anticipates a continuing drop in contributions due to the economic downturn and resulting layoffs and loss of hours affecting our donors.
  • Our community is experiencing an increased sense of anxiety due to the headlines, the increased isolation, and the closure of their children’s schools.
  • We will have opportunities to design new ways of meeting and reaching out that could change the way we do church in the future even when things get back to “normal”.
  • This situation will open up our church to unique opportunities to meet physical needs and share a message of hope with our community.


  • The financial impact of all this will last for many months, if not years, beyond the resolution of the medical issues.
  • Donations will be down by some amount for some period of time.

Church family, in light of all of this, it will take all of us working together, with the grace and mercy of God, to get through this, but we will get through it. 

However, to ensure that we get through it financially, I encourage each of you to keep up your financial support to the best of your ability. You can use on-line giving, drop of at church, and mail.

Blessing to each of you and your families,

Dr. Joseph L. Gueste, Senior Pastor

Trinity Baptist Church, Moreno Valley