An Easter Thought

An Easter Thought

Dear Trinity Church Family and Friends,

I wanted to share with you this though about Easter. “Easter won’t be the same this year. This year is different, sitting in front of a phone, computer or TV, watching online, rather than being gathered together is our places of worship.

Yet, I believe our celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is more important than ever! Easter is not a grand celebration just for the good times, but life’s most important truth for the hard times. Our well-orchestrated services don’t make Easter. It’s the life-changing truths contained in the simple phrase, He is risen!” that make us. If the experts are right, Easter Sunday will coincide with the pandemic’s peak in this country. Fear, anxiety, hopelessness and grief fill many hearts. The truth of Jesus’ resurrection—and only the truth of Jesus’ resurrection- speaks to all of these in a lasting way. In our recent history, there has not been a more important Sunday.

The glorious truth of Easter has not changed. It makes possible an eternal new normal, which no virus can touch. This Sunday people will indeed be watching from their phone, their computer, their laptop. Yes, it will be different, it won’t be the same, but what is the same and always will be the same: He is risen!

Pastor Joseph & Dr. Verdean Gueste

Trinity Baptist Church, Moreno Valley, CA