Posts from February 2020

Posts from February 2020

Church Parking Lot

The entire church parking lot is scheduled to be re-paved and re-striped beginning Monday, March 2nd through Thursday, March 5th.  Parking will be restricted to the streets.  Please be aware.

Safety Team Looking for Men

The church is looking for men to volunteer for safety responsibilities during church services.  For more information, please contact Deacon Edmonds.

Dr. Seuss Reading Week

Volunteers are needed for the Dr. Seuss reading week, March 2nd through March 6th at Chaparral Hills Elementary School.  Pick a date, at time between 9:00 am – 1:30 pm, a book and contact Ms. Deidra J. to confirm.

Scheduled Wedding

On Saturday, February 22 the church will be unavailable due to a wedding that will be taking place.  Please make other arrangements for any 4th Saturday meetings or rehearsals.